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Web Design & Social Media Marketing Services for Small Business Owners

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Facebook Instagram Management Agency

Our design studio is a Facebook & Instagram Marketing Agency for small business. Our marketing methods of promoting to potential customers and optimization for Google by using Facebook & Instagram marketing together makes us a very effective Facebook & Instagram management agency based in Florida and Maine we use precise strategies & eye catching to get distribution results.

Facebook & Instagram Marketing For Your business, includes new ad designs every month with easy monthly payments of $250 per month based on an annual agreement. Take advantage now while our inflation fighting offer is still available.

Online marketing and social media marketing services in Florida

Logo Master specialize in Facebook & Instagram with Marketing and Advertising Design services focused on our clients success. We offer personalized services to help businesses like yours by adding the 22 years of experience to your marketing department with in depth knowledge of social media platforms and search engine algorithms.

We understand that a new technology and marketing strategy are time consuming for a business owners. You will have lots of ideas and questions about how we can help your business. That's why we offer a FREE consultation.

Facebook Instagram Management Agency

We understand that a new technology and marketing strategy are time consuming for a business owners. You will have lots of ideas and questions about how we can help your business. That's why we offer a FREE consultation.

Logo master has been in business for over 22 years of experience creating and managing web sites, print ad layouts and Facebook Ads. We are always watching for trends and staying up to date with the latest technology to ensure your advantage over the competition.

Why use our Facebook / Instagram Management Agency

Our experience will benefit you by achieving marketing progress in hours, not weeks or months
Full service – we can create engaging content and fresh ad layouts weekly, giving your ideas rapid visibility
Team work– all of clients have a direct access their Facebook accounts and can interact with clients and prospects

How your Facebook & Instagram strategy will help your business.
You will start to out compete your competitors on Facebook feeds and on Google searches resulting in driving up sales, enquiries & sign ups.

Logo Master campaign strategies focus on organic practices in your advertising campaign, by this we mean using best practices
to build up natural marketing optimization as opposed to "Pay Per Click". Our methods are longer lasting, save you many and produce better results. We use various Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to give you an edge over your competitor who are looking for the same leads however using Pay Per Click $$$.

Increase Visibility & Finding New Customers
With photo ads, there is a huge opportunity to effectively engage with new customers that are interested your products and services. The Facebook & Instagram ads manager is an extremely powerful tool with the ability to be able to target exact locations, sex, age and interests allows for completely focused and targeted results. We can also implement facebook Pixel to create look alike audiences based on the current habit’s and routines of your current customers on facebook and also your website traffic.

Working with the Facebook Pixel since it's addition to the Ad Manager we have acquired extensive knowledge on how to run successful marketing campaigns for our clients. Using the Facebook Pixel we are able to track up to 180 days’ worth of customer activity with an offer on their business Facebook page and Instagram pages encouraging customers to re-visit and purchase from your website.

Most of our clients have several top 10 positions including YouTube video results and Small Business Facebook page positions in Google results for key word phrases; Logo SEO & Master's Social Media Marketing services has been diligently working on top 10 results for our clients on the key word phrases like;

Lake Management Palm Beach - pbaquatics.com
Erosion Repair Florida - americanshorelinerestoration.com
Segway Tours Wellington - greenmotiontours.com


Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining web site traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. The resulting electronic word of mouth refers to any statement consumers share via the Internet about an event, product, service, brand or company. When the underlying message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted, third-party source, as opposed to the brand or company itself, this form of marketing results in ‘earned media’ rather than ‘paid media’.

We are offering web site owners a chance to get top 10 organic search results for your keyword phrases on Google. You only pay for results if you do not get first page results, then you pay nothing. These are Organic page positions, not pay-per click. No daily budget limitations to make your site disappear for the day, no more getting out bid by competitors just month after month first page positions or you pay nothing. Score multiple top ten page positions on the same keyword phrase and block out your competition.

Call us or contact us online to find out more about this unique offer


In general terms, Hummingbird is a step towards the Google algorithm becoming artificially intelligent. Google’s goal is to be able to serve content based on what the searcher wants. A key performance indicator of this development is surely the number of searches a user makes in a short space of time (the higher number of searches denoting that the content is not relevant to their query) and also the number of pages a user visits per search term.

For example, 8 years ago 30% of searchers would look at search results past page one of Google. Today, it is only 10% and it is likely to decrease as Google improves the indexing of searches against the real intent of the search (thus making it even more significant to increase SEO rankings).

So let’s have a look at Hummingbird in detail. What are the changes and what does this mean for search marketers and web site owners.

There are Advantages of using YouTube Social Media as a tool for ranking well in the Google search results.

As most of us are aware, getting your web site a first-page Google result is harder than ever. Not only do Google’s search and indexing algorithms continue to evolve in complexity, but Google has given over more and more of its search results real estate to “blended” search results, displaying videos and images towards the top of the first page, and pushing down—and sometimes off the page—traditional web results that would have otherwise competed for first page rankings.

This presents a challenge for small business web sites, but also presents opportunities as well. Although Google’s newfound enthusiasm for video has created more competition for fewer traditional search results, it has enabled sites with video assets—even sites that would otherwise score poorly in the Google index—to successfully achieve first-page rankings. In fact, Forrester Research found that videos were 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking.

Your web pages can display your videos as a play list
this is also a good practice for displaying your YouTube Channel and it is interesting to your viewers
to watch as well.

1. You need to Upload your video to YouTube.

The advantage of this is that you are 100% certain to be indexed into Google’s search engine. This does not guarantee you’ll get a first-page result, but at least it ensures that Google knows your content exists.

The drawback, of course, is that anyone who clicks on a YouTube result will be taken to YouTube, which may be fine if your web site information and phone number are in the video (this way, you only care that people watch your video). Your goal is driving traffic to your web site and making your phone ring.

Your other alternative is:

2. Video SEO

Video SEO is a set of techniques designed to make sure that:

Google finds your video content
Google successfully indexes your video content
Google will display your video content when specific keywords are entered as search terms

Here’s how to make it work:

You Need Video Content

Google is fairly flexible in what it considers to be video content. You can use actual video footage, but screen captures, slide shows, animated Power Point slides, and other content will work just as well. Google can’t actually “see” what’s inside the video content, so it relies on title and other meta-data to determine what content your video actually contains.

Submission, Not Discovery

With traditional web pages, Google utilizes crawlers to discover and index web content. Unfortunately, Google can’t read Flash very well (although it is trying), and as a result, most video content is invisible to Google’s search crawlers. Therefore, the best way to appear in Google’s blended search results is to submit your video to Google using a Video Site map. This is similar to an XML site map, but is formatted specifically for video, and only contains information about your video content. It is submitted using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

The most common error in Video SEO is to assume that because you have submitted the web page on which a video resides, that the video content itself is being indexed.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have a robots.txt file on all video pages, to ensure that Google can easily verify that the locations on the Web you’ve submitted do in fact exist, and that they contain embed codes which indicate the presence of a video.

Title and Title Tags

When ranking videos, Google primarily considers the match between search keywords and the video title. Although Google allows you to submit other meta-data such as description and keywords, these currently don’t have much influence on your search ranking. Google likes it when the title tag of the page matches the title of the video, and will give a higher weighting for results where this is the case.

Video SEO is Long Tail

Like traditional SEO, you’re much more likely to see results with Video SEO if you target more specific, or longer tail, search terms. A video titled “Dog” is unlikely to produce a first-page ranking, while a video titled “German Shepherd Police Dog” will be more likely to score well in Google’s algorithm. Since Google can’t determine the actual content of the video, you might consider submitting the same video multiple times with different titles that match potential search terms.

New and Small Don’t Matter

With traditional SEO, the age of a web site is an important consideration for Google in deciding its ranking. Google also considers things like the number of pages on the site, and the number of links to the site, along with the importance of the places those links originate.

In Video SEO, none of this matters. This means that even new sites and small sites can compete on equal footing with larger and more established players. Publishers who are too small or too new to even consider traditional SEO can still be taking advantage of Video SEO opportunities.

For the Foreseeable Future, Video SEO is a Winning Strategy

As time goes by, Google’s discovery and indexing of video content will no doubt become more sophisticated, and as competition for video results increases, it will become harder for sites to achieve these first-page rankings. However, the number of web pages still massively outnumbers indexed video assets, and for as long as that continues, publishers will have an opportunity to jump to the top of Google’s search results through Video SEO.

Web Design WordPress Disaster -

#1. Do not use WORDPRESS it is subject to security issues and it does not score on Google's organic search results as well as a custom site made by a knowledgeable and experienced web designer. A web designer knows more than how to put pictures and text on a web page. There are best practices as in all areas, understanding the marketing benefits and effective use of social media is an exacting balance that needs to be maintained in the competitive arena of online marketing.

As an example, I may be able to design my own kitchen cabinets and buy the tools and materials needed to achieve what I have in mind but, I am not so sure I want to live with the results of my project as a novices carpenter, after all my home is an important investment  will be what people see when they come to see me... I think I want someone who is really good at his trade to do this for me, I believe it is worth the money.

Your web site is a very important part of your business and an investment in marketing to new and current clients, a public image, a communication center... Maybe you also want someone who is really good at his trade to do this for you.

We need to update your site an a more frequent basis... Google’s New Algorithm Update Impacts 35% Of Searches

Google announced a change to its search algorithm that the company says will impact 35% of Web searches. The change builds on top of its previous “Caffeine” update in order to deliver more up-to-date and relevant search results, specifically those in areas where freshness matters. This includes things like recent events, hot topics, current reviews and breaking news items.

This means that the heat has been turned up on all web design SEO and updates need to be made on a consistent basis. Logo Master web design services are targeted to match this exact web marketing

Google says that the new algorithm knows that different types of searches have different freshness needs, and weighs them accordingly. For example, a search for a favorite recipe posted a few years ago may still be popular enough to rank highly, but searches for an unfolding news story or the latest review of the iPhone 4S should bring the newer, fresher content first, followed by older results.

Now, it’s clear that Google understands that the most relevant search result is more often the one that’s relevant now – the one that’s bringing you new information. The update’s impact on Google Search is fairly substantial, with Google claiming that roughly 35% of search results will be affected by the changes.


Web Design Services
Palm Beach Florida

Logo Master web design services can assist you with all you small business marketing needs; postcards, ad design, web site design, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our primary focus is on small business web sites. Our designs will look professional and add credibility to your online marketing efforts. Our clients also benefit from superior position in the search engine results, click the link below to see our SEO results.


Small businesses web site design for West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach and South Florida. Small Businesses and Organizations have been benefiting form top 10 page positions on Google search results with help from Logo Master web design Studio since 1999. In the Palm Beaches, businesses that are listed on the first few pages on Google gain a hugh advantage from the top level visibility for relevant keyword phrase search results.

For instance the organic search results for the phrase "erosion repair services Florida"
is a State wide level search. My client occupies 4 out of the top 5 positions and 7 out of 10 positions on the first page of results. This is almost complete domination of the search results for this organic keyword phrase. These results are producing excellent visibility for this key word phrase search results.

Social Media Marketing Ad Design Studio Florida

Social Media Marketing for West Palm Beach small businesses is a huge benefit to your online marketing as well. The social media accounts also yield big rewards as the high PR incoming and outgoing links are maximum bonus points with Google and other search engines. An added benefit is the additional possible page position in the search results from Facebook and YouTube channel as they can score search results on their own as well as your web site.

Web Design in West Palm Beach

For web design in West Palm Beach and all of Florida or custom Social Media accounts for your small business or organization call LogoMaster.com at 561-693-5780 or click on our contact us link to request more information.

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Computers and Computer accessories - Gaminig Computers


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Florida Facebook & Instagram Marketing Social Media Management For Your Florida Business Services and Graphic design Studio

Make sure your web site is getting a top ranking score on Google, Yahoo and Bing. By a top score we mean visible on the first two or three pages, preferably in the first page of Google results. We can assure this consistent placement in the organic ranking without using Pay Per Click strategy (ouch!). To satisfy the ever changing algorithms used by the search engine we consistently schedule updates to your web site and social media as well as maintain your back links and directory listings.

Gold Level
2 hrs weekly
Silver Level
1 hr weekly
Bronze Level
.5 hrs weekly
8 hours per month
4 hours per month
2 hours per month

Not only does your social media give you maximum exposure to your existing customers and clients it also expands you audience as well when approach from a marketing point of view. In addition your; facebook, twitter, linked in, youtube, pintrest and many others give your site valuable back links contributing to your visibility in the search engines through link popularity. This is a large part of the SEO process
and must be included in you internet marketing to achieve top ranking.

By subscribing to our monthly SEO updating service your business will be promoted with the search engines, with industry specific online marketing campaigns and build up your viability as well as your web sites traffic which lead to increased sales!






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