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Webmaster Tools helps you see how your site is performing in our search results, troubleshoot potential problems, and build Google-friendly sites. Webmaster Tools is for anybody with a website - bloggers, online stores big and small, government and education sites. If you're online, we can help.

With Webmaster Tools you see your site the way Google sees it. If they have a problem accessing any of the pages on your site, we'll let you know. And it goes both ways: We can tell Google about pages on your site by submitting a Sitemap.

We'll show you who's linking to you and how. Want to see which pages on your site get the most links? Which keyword searches drive the most traffic? We can do that with Google Analytics.

We use the robots.txt analyzer tool will help make sure you're not accidentally blocking Googlebot from crawling your site. We are your first stop for official Google guidelines on creating the very best SEO sites possible.

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Often simple things really matter. And the use of keywords in linking text is one of those simple things that turn out to be hugely important. Linking text, sometimes called anchor text, is the clickable text that takes people to another page or resource. You need to choose that text carefully.

If I was refer people to this article I could use the linking text, ‘Latest article’: the text is meaningful, clear and wouldn't need to change every time I published a new article. However, I'd be missing out on some important opportunities. Using the actual title of the article, ‘Keyword phrases in linking text’, is a much better option.


  1. Links ARE Usability

    Foremost, links provide simple navigation between documents on a website. But in addition to regular site navigation, links dramatically increase the usability of site information since words within an article can be linked - or extended out in a tree-like manner - to many other documents of importance, like definitions, resources and items of interest, on-going, without interrupting the flow of the originating concept.
    Links make your site - and the internet - more usable, and useful.

  2. Links Create Direct Traffic

    Clicking a link from a trusted source is one of the most popular ways for people to find a new website. If a user is on a website they trust, they are likely to follow links that it recommends - or at the least, users will follow links that make the destination site appear to provide some valuable information.
    More links = more traffic.

  3. Links Build User Trust in You

    If users see a link to you on a popular or respected site, their level of trust in what you say or what you offer is likely to be higher. MySpace generates more traffic to eBay and Amazon than MSN search does - because navigating through MySpace is about trusting what 'friends' recommend. Blogs create this same link-trust factor. Blog readers have a certain 'trust' in the author.
    Word-of-mouth is the best advertising there is.

  4. Links Build Search Engine Trust in Your Site

    There is no doubt that link score is one of the most important factors the major search engines consider when determining where websites are ranked. The reasoning is simple: if you have many links pointing to your site from other sites, your content must contain quality, important information. A link is like a vote. Although links from important 'authority' sites carry more 'vote weight', ultimately, total 'link/vote score' is one of the heaviest algorithmic factors considered in rankings.
    Sites with links from trusted sites are 'trust-worthy'.

  5. Links Tell Search Engines and Users What Your Pages Are About

    To determine what a web page is about search engines look at a few critical elements on a web page, but just as important (if not more) is the text used in links that point to your page - from within your site and from outside sites. E.G.: If a page has 10 links from outside sites, and each link uses the word 'pizza' as the link text, it stands to reason that the page is about pizza. You could probably determine the page topic without even looking at the page. And, most likely, the link text is why users clicked the link in the first place.
    If you could describe yourself in two words, what would they be?

  6. Links Establish Your Site in 'Communities'

    Typically, the types of sites that easily offer and create links to your site are community type sites that are updated on a regular basis, either by a main administrator, or by users themselves. Examples are; blogs, forums, wikis, MySpace, and other social networking sites. See MySpace example in point #3. Communities are based in trust.
    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

  7. Links Are Free Advertising

    Unless you've paid for your link - it is free advertising for you.
    That was simple, eh?

  8. Links Are Trackable and Provide Market Intelligence

    There are a few methods of determining who links to you, and this information can be very valuable in providing market intelligence such as;
    - competitor strengths/weaknesses (find out who links to them, request a link)
    - consumer/user opinion (what are people saying about you/competitors on blogs/forums)
    - potential suppliers (industry insiders who liked/linked to your site)
    - source of testimonials
    - reveals potential PR hazards (negative posts/links)
    - reveals strategic partnerships (next point)

    To determine who links to you, you can first check your traffic logs for 'referrers'. Once seeing who has generated some traffic for you, you can find out who the search engines have listed that link to you. Here's how you can check:
    - at Goolge, search: link:www.yoursite.com
    - at Yahoo and MSN, search: linkdomain:www.yoursite.com
    Find out who, what, where, when, why, how - and use it.

  9. Links Reveal Strategic Partnerships

    Upon reviewing your traffic logs or doing a simple link check on any of the major search engines (as mentioned above) you may encounter some sites that link to you that can reveal sources of mutual benefit, such as;
    - marketing partnerships (develop reciprocal ad campaign)
    - service or product suppliers
    - potential employees
    - potential contractors
    - or for support/education/help
    "There's GOLD in them there hills..."

  10. Links Are Assets - They Add Value to Your Property

    Your website is your internet property, and it has value. What gives your website saleable value (typically) is the amount of traffic the site can generate. As we've shown, links are one of the most important factors in generating substantial website traffic, search engine rankings, trust, publicity, market intelligence and more. A substantial link network offers significant value to the overall package when determining a website's value.
    The marketplace creates the asset, and its value


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We have helped dozens of small businesses and start up companies to get their products and services noticed so that they can achieve success they have planned on for themselves and their families.


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Logo Master web design services can help design your business web sites,CD-ROM presentations, logos and graphics. We design Flash animations, scan photos and make digital photo alterations. Logo Master can also help you with search engine optimization , web hosting, domain name registration, video and audio streaming from your web site or CD or DVD.

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  • Keyword rich text is more attractive to humans. A casual reader may see ‘Latest article’ and say so what? By using the title ‘Keyword phrases in linking text’ I've told the visitor what the article is about and offered two hooks that they might be interested in - ‘keyword phrases’ and ‘linking text’. As a result the click through rate will be higher.
  • The text that links to a particular page gives Google and other search engines clues as to what the page is about. ‘Latest article’ provides little information while the actual title of the newsletter contains at least two important keyword phrases.

In highly competitive situations the extra ‘points’ that Google gives can mean the difference from appearing on the first page of results and appearing nowhere.

To embark on an effective link building campaign you must be aware of your important keyword phrases and incorporate them into your titles and linking text. You also need to influence the words external webmasters use to link to you.

Our web design services include Search Engine Optimization and Google webmaster tools including Google Analytics and
Google Sitemaps by submitting to the most popular engines, we cover 97% of all search engine traffic.
We offer website hosting and domaine name registration services

Each one uses a different criteria for what web site gets the highest rankings. What may get you a #1 position in MSN may get you a #50 position in HotBot.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization This is one of the best ways to increase your web traffic and your bottom line profits.


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