CD & DVD Presentations

Take your company to your customers with high impact interactive multimedia
CD or DVD. You can impress your customers with your product information in
an organized, attractive yet inexpensive presentation. Using you CD or DVD
even the newest member of your staff can present your products and services
in a well planed and controlled approach which in turn will help you to get a
better return on sales efforts.
You can distribute your disks to potential clients, use them with clients during
a sales meeting, or leave them playing in your lobby or waiting room to raise
the client’s awareness of all your products and services.

Let Logo Master help you explore this exciting method of promoting
your company, combining graphic design, video, music and narration
within your project. CLICK on the CD to find out how the latest technology can help you. CD-ROM’s can be a useful marketing tool, providing product information in a more engaging format than previously possible. Projects can range from Simple promotional packages to sophisticated corporate presentations which can link back to your site.

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CD & DVD Covers Designed will design your
CD or DVD case covers and the
layout for your CD/ DVD label printing.

Small quantities under 250 no problem, just tell us what you
need and we will quote you
according to what
you need.

Here are some sample Designs

custom CD cases
click on the CD/DVD image to see it larger

custom CD covers
click on the CD/DVD image to see it larger

DVD case designs
click on the CD/DVD image to see it larger