Marketing is a constant pattern of promoting your business to keep it fresh and in front of the eyes of new prospects and existing customers. If you don't ask for the sale on a repetitive basis then your opportunities will decrease as your competitors consistently try to take your place
and your customers orders

We are able to help you with all of your marketing needs from web design to CDs
brochures, postcards, magnetic signs, ad
layout, Logos, video editing, search engine
, business cards, the list goes on.

Marketing is something that needs to be done
all the time
with a consistent theme and message and then just keep on sending your message. Consumers usually need 6 to 12 exposures before they actually make a purchase.

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Postcards - 5000 4/1 $250
(layout one time fee of $150)

Business Cards 1000 4/0 $79

Brochures - printing costs for 1k = $458 / 2k = $560 / 3k = $620 Layout Fee $175

Magnetic Truck Signs $69 (pair) 1color

Promotion and Advertisin

Many people when they hear the word marketing instantly assume it is the same thing as advertising.  In reality, marketing is a much broader concept that includes as one
of its parts methods of communication and promotion
of products and services.  Advertising, sales promotion
and public relations represent three extremely important
forms of marketing communication.   Most of us
can not help being exposed
to hundreds of ads, promotions and even news stories each day.  The amount of money spent on these three areas is staggering so it is no wonder this is one of the largest areas of focus from
business owners.


Search Engine Optimization is the best way to reach the largest target audience for the
least amount of costs. Not only that your customers will be able to order while they are looking at your advertising materials.

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